2017 Annual Meeting

PRW annual Homeowner Association meeting is Saturday, August 12, at 9 am at unit 660 garage.

The 2017 proxy to allow board members to conduct Association business is below. It can be copied and returned by mail, or completed and e-mailed back to the Association in the form of a PDF file. A paper copy will also be mailed to you in June 2017, along with the agenda and proposed budget for 2018. Proxies don’t need to be notarized.

Park River West Condominium Association, Inc
Proxy Form
The undersigned own(s) Unit ______, Park River West Condominium Association, Inc., Estes Park, Colorado. The undersigned hereby designate(s) and appoint(s) ____________ [ insert the name of your designee, or a member of the Park River West Condominium Association Board) as Proxy to vote the one vote for this Unit on any matter whatsoever at the 2017 Annual Owners Meeting.
This appointment is only for the Condominium Association Annual Owners Meeting to be held on the August 12, 2017, at Estes Park, Colorado: or to a date to which the meeting is rescheduled if there is not a quorum on that date. In any event this appointment will automatically expire, without notice eleven months from the signature or at the adjournment of the Annual Meeting, whichever date first occurs. For meeting purposes the Proxy shall be considered the agent of the undersigned. Third parties may rely upon the representations of the Proxy as to all matters relating to the powers granted. This appointment shall not be affected by the disability of the undersigned.
An amendment to the Association Bylaws will be considered and possibly adopted at said meeting.
Owner(s)’ Unit number_______ Park River West Condominiums.
_______________________________ ________________________________
Printed Name(s)
Electronic submission of my/our Proxy is authorized from email address(es):

Mail proxy to:
Park River West Condo Association
684 Park River Pl.
Estes Park, CO 80517

Copy and complete the form and e-mail it as a pdf attachment to Scott Davis, sbdavis_ohio@yahoo.com or any board member. Put a little note in your email message that it is really you and send it from your e-mail address of record.

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