Landscape & Maintenance

Our landscapers this season are Twin Fawn Management/Rocky Mountain Property Services. What a great job they’ve done on the Spring clean-up!  If you have a question or concern about trees, bushes, mowing etc., please call a Board member. This allows for essential coordination since our 68 unit owners sometimes have conflicting ideas. Please do not ask a landscaper on the property to complete a task on your own, as they have been instructed to only follow directions contracted by the Association.

Residents may pull weeds that are deemed bothersome. It is permissible to pull weeds from rock beds or other areas. However, spraying them with any type of herbicide is prohibited.

Bridge construction at the river trail was completed in last  fall. Thank you to Dennis McDonald and neighborhood volunteers for completing this project!

Seasonal Plants – The perennial bushes pictured above are called Russian Sage. They may not bloom until late in the season. They are cut back in the fall to about a foot and may appear dead in the spring until they begin to bloom. Please do not remove plants that appear dead, but rather contact a Board member if it is a concern.

Avoid removing plants or shrubs or planting your own. Each have their own watering system line which can be damaged by digging.

Every owner is responsible for knowing the City of Estes Park Wildlife Protection Laws. Regulations to protect bears and other wildlife pertaining to bird feeders and trash were updated May 2017. The complete ordinance can be viewed at:

Please remember to pick up after your pets, and that pets are to be on a leash on all times while outside. Thank you for keeping our common grounds pleasant for all residents and renters to enjoy.  (Reminder: Dogs are allowed for PRW owners, but not renters.)