Landscape & Maintenance

Gutter cleaning and repair will be done this summer. It may be a little disruptive to your unit.

Do not confront or interact with landscapers! If you have a question or concern about trees, bushes, mowing etc., call a board member. The 68 unit owners all have different ideas which  makes coordination essential. Landscapers are doing what the Association requests. When confronted they will leave the property and PRW looses time as we must get them back on the schedule.

Trail repair and buildup will not be accomplished. Fallen trees over the river have changed the dynamic of flooding on the trail, which now has much more of the trail under water this spring.

The on-again off-again spring has changed the blooming for many of the trees. Some are late bloomers this year. They will be evaluated later this summer.

Seasonal Plants – The perennial  bushes pictured above are called Russian Sage. They, and others,  bloom late in the season around the end of July. They are cut back in the fall to about a foot. They may appear dead in the spring until mid-July when they begin to bloom. Please do not remove plants that appear dead.

Avoid removing plants or shrubs, or, planting your own. Each have their own watering system line which can be damaged, and, have been damaged by digging.

City of Estes Park regulations to protect bears and wildlife pertaining to bird feeders and trash, effective April 1, 2016. The complete ordinance can be viewed at:  

Snow plowing occurs on the day after the snow stops and may not be completed until the afternoon of that day. Only the driveway access lanes are plowed. Driveway bibs are not plowed. This time was chosen to ensure winds and drifting that often occur after the snow stops does not reduce effectiveness of the plowing.