Pets are  not allowed. A few renters have brought pets which creates problems since they can’t stay.

Rental unit parking is very limited.

  • Only 4 vehicles are allowed and  2 of these must be in the Garage.
  • Renters must not park on access lanes, which are fire lanes.
  • Parking of additional vehicles is allowed only on Park River Place, the street that runs through Park River West.  See the map at the bottom of this page for guidance.
  • Vehicles may not extend beyond the driveway bib.
  • All trailers, RVs and boats must  fit inside, and be kept in the garage, and not parked on the driveway.

Renters must be at least 25 years old, and are limited to 6 adults and 2 children, which must be affiliated family members.

Renters must not leave trash bags outside-wildlife-friendly trash management practices.

Renters quiet time is by 10 p.m. and have exterior lights off overnight.

Important information from Estes Park for owners who rent:

Rental unit owners are now required by the Town to have a local rental agent. The local agent must reside in the “Estes Valley”. Living in the Denver metro area, or Front Range, no longer qualifies as local. Regulations(  The Local rental agent must have a 24/7 phone number for complaints and concerns.

A copy of the rental rules posting card with the contact information, is supplied by the city when properly registered, and must be displayed near the front door/entrance.

PRW unit owners that rent their unit on a short term rental basis, must mail notices to owners of properties within 100 feet of their property as part of their annual operating registration. Notices shall provide your rental agent’s name and telephone number or local representative. This is the person listed with PRW HOA as your local contact. Copies of initial mailing certificates will be provided by the Estes Park Community Development Director for the first annual operating registration. All unit owners that rent,  and are properly registered with the Town of Estes Park, should receive a packet about this in the mail. If not, contact the: Town of Estes Park Community Development, P.O. Box 1200, Estes Park, CO  80517. This ordinance became effective December 16, 2016. (Estes Valley Development Code Vacation Home Regulations – Ordinance 29-16.) EP Vacation Rental rules

Vacation Home and B&B-1

Vacation Homes-2 Short-term rental information:

2017 VHR Registration Packet.pdf

Short Term Rental Permits

Park River West Parking:
Aerial Photo of PRW showing Fire Lanes