We are delighted to welcome you as a renter at Park River West. Please observe the following rules which insure that your rental will be safe and enjoyable for you and your neighbors.

  1. Units may not be rented to anyone younger than 25 years of age.
  2. Rental occupancy is limited to 8 with a maximum of 6 adults.
  3. Renters must observe the 10:00 PM PRW quiet time.
  4. Renters may not bring pets into PRW.
  5. Trash is to be placed in approved containers at the end of the driveway on the day of collection. No other trash, rubbish, equipment, or material of any nature shall be left outside of any unit.
  6. Guest parking is restricted to the garage and the driveway in front of the garage door.  (See map at bottom of page for more info.)
  7. No trailer, boat or RV of any type is allowed on the PRW property unless it is parked in the garage. It may not be parked in the driveway or on the public street.
  8. No activities shall be conducted within any Unit or upon PRW property which are unlawful or may be unsafe or hazardous to any person or property.
  9. No open fires are allowed at PRW in common areas or on decks.  No charcoal barbecues, propane or wood fire pits, tiki torches, bug repellent/citronella candles on decks or in any open areas.

If found in violation of these rules by a PRW Board member, the Unit owner, or the Unit management company, the renters may be required to vacate the property and will be subject to the penalties contained in their rental agreement.


Please post the attached PRW Short Term Renter Rules 7-2015 in a visible place in your rental unit.

Rental unit owners are now required by the Town to have a local rental agent. The local agent must reside in the “Estes Valley”. Living in the Denver metro area, or Front Range, no longer qualifies as local. See regulations at Local rental agent must have a 24/7 phone number for complaints and concerns.

A laminated list of standards is supplied by the city when properly registered, and must be visible in the rental home.

PRW unit owners that rent their unit on a short term rental basis, must mail notices to owners of properties within 100 feet of their property as part of their annual operating registration. Notices shall provide your rental agent’s name and telephone number or local representative. This is the person listed with PRW HOA as your local contact. Copies of initial mailing certificates will be provided by the Estes Park Community Development Director for the first annual operating registration. All unit owners that rent,  and are properly registered with the Town of Estes Park, should receive a packet about this in the mail. If not, contact the: Town of Estes Park Community Development, P.O. Box 1200, Estes Park, CO  80517. For more information see the EP Vacation Rental rules site:

Park River West Parking:
Aerial Photo of PRW showing Fire Lanes